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East Cork Track and Field Championships - Day Two 21st April 2012

posted 1 May 2012, 04:39 by youghal ac   [ updated 4 May 2012, 07:26 ]
Day two of the East Cork Track and Field Championships were held in Tower Park, Youghal on 21st April.  Well done and thanks to all the hard-working committee who did an excellent job in preparing the venue which looked very well on the day.  Youghal AC had a good turnout of juvenile athletes and it was great to see some of our older athletes back in action. 
Well done to all our athletes some of whom are very new to the sport and especially the younger athletes who had to compete in heats in the sprints and middle distance races because of such high numbers. A special well done to Patricia Curtin who participated in every event so well and this was Patricia's final year competing as a juvenile in this championship.after 11 years.
More photos of the day available at
The following were medal recipients and some younger finalists in the track events;

Girls U/9
Rian Walsh - 3rd Long Jump 2.95m
Relay - Emma Landers, Rian Walsh, Jane Savage and Joy Nicholson - 2nd

Boys U/9
David Buckley - 3rd Long Jump 2.95m
Relay - Ross Willimas, David Buckley, Ronan Keane and Jack Nicholson - 3rd.

Girls U/10 
Zoe Whelan - 3rd Ball Throw

Boys U/10 
Matthew Sabaonya - 3rd 60m

Girls U/11 
Kerry Barrett 1st in 60m, 300m and 2nd in Long Jump 3.45m     
Lucy O' Keefe 2nd in 600m, 4th in 60m final.         
Stephanie Ojakari 5th in 600m final. 
Relay - Kerry Barrett, Lucy O' Keefe, Niamh O' Brien and Grace Keane- 3rd

Boys U/11 
Evan Villis 5th in 60m final amd 3rd in Long Jump; Evan O' Keefe was 6th in the 60m final.
Evan O' Keefe and Cian Nicholson also did very well in the 600m final finishing just outside the top three.      

Girls U/12 
Faith McEvitt 5th in 60m final and 2nd in 600m final.
Caoimhe Barry 4th in Shot 5.02m

Boys U/12 
Matthew Cody 1st in 600m, Jake McCarthy 4th in 600m.

Girls U/13 
Aine O' Regan Ist in High Jump and 3rd in 100m
Relay - Karynn Collins, Aine O' Regan, Tara Daly and Sarah Williams - 3rd

Boys U/13 
Killian Nolan 4th in 800m
Eoin O' Brien 1st in High Jump 1.18m. 3rd in Long Jump.
Relay - Killian Nolan, Eoin O' Brien, Jake McCarthy and Peter Buckley - 3rd.

Girls U/14 
Rachel Jackson - 1st Shot 6.74m

Boys U/14 
Sean Broderick 1st in Shot 8.69m and 1st in 100m
Diarmuid Clancy 2nd in Shot and 4th in 100m
William Baker 4th in 800m

Girls U/15 
Emily O' Keefe 1st in 100m and 2nd in 800m and Javelin.
Jennifer Hennessy 2nd in 100m, Ist in 800m and 3rd in Long Jump

Boys U/15 
Fearghal Curtin1st in 100m amd 800m
Sean Broderick(U/14) 1st in Long Jump 4.60m.
Diarmuid Clancy(U/14) 2nd in Long Jump 4.56m

Girls U/16 
Jo Burke 3rd in 100m, 1st in High Jump 1.35m
Sarah O' Sullivan 3rd in High Jump 1.10m, 2nd in 800m, 3rd in Javelin and 1st in Long Jump 3.59m
Heather Curley 2nd in High Jump 1.30m.
Lauren O' Mahoney 1st in Javelin 22.01m, 3rd in Long Jump. 3rd in 800m and 4th in High Jump.   

Boys U/16    
Conor Hennessy 1st in 100m, 1st in High Jump 1.45m, 2nd in 800m amd 2nd in Javelin 21.07m

Patricia Curtin 1st in 100m, 2nd in Shot 8.59m and 3rd in 800m
Faye O' Brien 2nd in High Jump 1.20m, 3rd in 100m and 3rd in Shot 7.38m 

Cian Greene 1st in 100m, Ist in High Jump 1.45m, 2nd in Shot 7.06m
Jack Daly 3rd in 100m, 4th in High Jump ans Ist in Shot 10.88m
Congratulations to Midleton AC on winning the Willie Harte Perpetual Trophy U9 to U19. 
We now look forward to participating in the County Track and Field Championships on 6th and
13th May at the CIT, Bishopstown.  Please check the events you are entered in, the programme can be viewed here