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East Cork Track & Field Championships 24-Apr-2016

posted 25 Apr 2016, 02:55 by youghal ac   [ updated 25 Apr 2016, 02:55 ]
The East Cork T&F Championship was held at CIT on Sunday 24th April with great performances shown by our young athletes in many events.

U15 boys  Darragh Buckley was 1st
U15 girls  Kerry Barrett 2nd and Lesley Cashman 7th
U13 boys  Christian Millerick 4th ,Nathan O Halloran 5th and Ross Williams  7th in final.
                   Alex Kennedy also competed
U13 girls   Eva Murphy 2nd and Emma Landers 4th.
                   Erin Joyce and Avril Cashman also qualified for the final.
                   Robyn Buckley an unlucky 5th in her heat.
U12 girls   Sophie Connon 1st and Tara Hickey 3rd.
                  Avril Millerick and Alex Cashman also qualified for final .
U11 boys  Ethan O Driscoll 3rd
                  Ben Walsh and Jude Buckley also qualified for final.
                  Harry Connon and Ronan Joyce also competed
U11 girls   Eireann Barrett 2nd and Sorcha Kilgannon 4th.
                  Poppy Devereaux also qualified for the final after a great win in her heat.
                  Ruby Kennedy , Katie Ansbro and Isabella Chidlow also competed.
U10 boys  Fionn Brennan, Jack Coleman, Paddy Nicholson and Aidan McNamee competed.
U9 boys   Jimmy Nicholson, Cal Cashman, Keelan Ansbro ,Finn Coleman and Cathal Brennan ran
U9 girls    Autumn Devereaux 3rd  . Amy Coleman also competed.

 There were great displays of talent in the middle distance races.
U17 boys  800m Killian Nolan 1st
U17 girls   800m Aine O Regan 5th and Sarah Wiliams 7th
U16 boys  800m Jake McCarthy 2nd
U15 boys  800m  Cian Nicholson 2nd, Darragh Buckley 3rd
U15 girls   800m Lucy O Keeffe 1st , Kerry Barrett 4th and Lesley Cashman 5th
U14 boys  800m  Ciaran McNamee 1st
U13 boys  600m  Nathan O Halloran 3rd, Ross Williams 7th
U13 girls   600m  Emma Landers 1st, Erin Joyce 2nd, Avril Cashman 4th , Robyn Buckley 5th and
                               Eva Murphy 6th.
U12 girls  600m Avril Millerick 1st , Alex Cashman 2nd and Tara Hickey 5th
U11 boys  300m Ethan O Driscoll 2nd
U11 girls  300m Sorcha Kilgannon 1st, Eireann Barrett 4th . Poppy and Katie also competed.
U10 boys 200m Aidan McNamee competed

U15 girls  2nd-  Natasha, Lesley, Lucy and Kerry
U15 boys  1st - Darragh, Alex , Nathan and Cian
U13 girls. 2nd - Eva, Avril, Robyn and Emma
                  4th - Alex, Avril M, Erin and Tara
U13 boys 4th - Alex, Nathan, Ross and Christian
U11 girls  2nd - Eireann, Poppy, Ruby and Sorcha
                 5th - Autumn, Katie , Isabella and Amy
U11 boys   3rd - Ronan, Jude, Ben and Ethan
                   4th - Fionn, Aidan, Harry and Jack
U9 boys   1st - Cal, Keelan, Finn and Jimmy

With great success on the track , the field events didn't disappoint.

U9 boys long jump - Jimmy Nicholson 1st (2.84m) , Cathal Brennan 3rd, Cal Cashman 4th.
                                     Finn Coleman and Keelan Ansbro also competed.
U9 girls long jump - Amy Coleman and Autumn Devereaux competed
U13 girls long jump - Sophie Connon 2nd (3.66m) , Robyn Buckley 3rd (3.58m)
                                     Tara, Eva, Emma, Avril and Alex also competed
U16 boys long jump - Jake McCarthy 2nd (4.29m)
U11 boys high jump - Harry Connon 3rd
U12 girls high jump - Sophie Connon 1st (1.21m) , Tara Hickey 2nd  (1.19m)
U15 girls high jump - Kerry Barrett 1st (PB 1.42m) , Lesley Cashman 5th
U15 boys high jump - Darragh Buckley 1st (1.30m ) , Cian Nicholson 2nd
U17 girls high jump - Sarah Williams 2nd (1.35m)
U15 girls discus - Lesley Cashman 3rd (17.03m), Kerry Barrett 4th (15.5m)
U15 boys discus - Cian Nicholson 2nd (11.9m) , Darragh Buckley 3rd (11.4m)
U16 boys javelin - Darragh Buckley - 13.13m
U14 girls javelin - Erin Joyce 2nd (17.99m) , Avril Cashman 4th (14.1m)
U14 boy javelin - Nathan 0Halloran 1st (24.17m)

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Well done to all who competed.