East Cork Track And Field Championships (Day 2) 26-Jun-2016

Post date: Jul 15, 2016 2:51:38 PM


Day two of the East Cork Track and Field Championships were held on Sunday 26th June. This fixture was cancelled back in April due to adverse weather conditions. The event also had to kick-off at 9.30am because of the Euro soccer match Ireland V France. Attendance was down because of holidays also but nevertheless the full programme was completed by 12.30pm.

Many thanks to the super effort of those committee members in the preparation of the venue and to all those who helped in officiating and in the efficient running of the Championship. Thanks also to the East Cork Board committee members and to those from the other East Cork clubs who gave so much help in the officiating.

Of course well done to all those juveniles who participated so well in both the track and field events. It was great to see the juveniles enjoying their events and to see such improvement.

Girls U9

200M – Clodagh Fitzgerald 3rd.

Turbo Javelin – Amy Coleman 4.08m 2nd and Taylor Ahern 4.05m 4th.

Boys U9

200M – James Nicholson 1st, Keelan Ansboro joint 3rd and Finn Coleman 4th.

Turbo Javelin – James Nicholson 3.62m Ist, Keelan Ansboro 3.60m 2nd, Finn Coleman 3.40m 5th and Matthew Keane 3.23m 6th.

Girls U10

300m – Phil Farrell 3rd.

Long Jump – Phil Farrell 2.83m 3rd, Clodagh Fitzgerald 2.83m and Nadia O’ Shea 2.73m.

Boys U10

300M – Aidan McNamee 4th, Paddy Nicholson 6th and Jack Coleman 7th.

Long Jump – Aidan McNamee 3.58m 3rd, Paddy Nicholson 3.27m and Jack Coleman 3.30m

Girls U11

600M – Sorcha Kilgannon ist, Eireann Barrett 4th, Katie Ansboro 5th and Ruby Kennedy 8th.

Long Jump – Eireann Barrett 3.66m Ist, Sorcha Kilgannon 3.34m 2nd, Ruby Kennedy 2.95m and Katie Ansboro 2.95m

Turbo Javelin – Sorcha Kilgannon 12.58m 2nd, Ruby Kennedy 10.12m 5th, Eireann Barrett 9.72m 7th and Katie Ansboro 6.03m 8th

Boys U11

600m – Ethan O’ Driscoll 3rd, Ben Walsh 4th, Jude Buckley 5th,Roan O’ Brien 10th and Roan Joyce 11th.

Long Jump – Ben Walsh 3.64m

Turbo Javelin – Ben Walsh 18.65m 1st, Ethan O’ Driscoll 12.52m 4th, Ronan O’ Brien 10.89m 8th, Jude Buckley 10.19m 9th and Roan Joyce 10th.

Girls U12

800M – Avril Millerick 1st, Alex Cashman 2nd, Grace Rooney 3rd and Juliette Nicholson 4th.

Shot – Alex Cashman 6.31m 3rd, Eireann Barrett 5.28m, Sorcha Kilgannon 5.21m, Ruby Kennedy 4.09m, Avril Millerick 4.87m, Grace Rooney 4.74m and Juliette Nicholson 3.92m.

Boys U12

Shot – Ben Walsh 7.17m 2nd, Ethan O’ Driscoll 5.76m 7th, Jude Buckley 5.44m 8th, Ronan O’ Brien 4.52m 9th and Ronan Joyce 4.58m 10th.

Girls U13

800M – Avril Cashman 1st, Erin Joyce 2nd and Natasha Kilgannon 3rd.

High Jump – Avril Cashman 1.27m 1st. Natasha Kilgannon 1.16m 4th and Joy Nicholson 1m 5th.

Boys U13

High Jump – Christian Millerick 1.22m 2nd.

Girls U14

200m – Hannah Fitzgerald 6th.

Shot – Natasha Kilgannon 6.77m, Eireann Joyce 6.30m, Lucy Nicholson 4.99m, Avril Cashman 7.23m and Joy Nicholson 5.32m

Boys U14

200M – Ciaran McNamee 4th and Eoghan Fitzgerald 5th.

1500m – Ciaran McNamee 1st and Eoghan Fitzgerald 2nd

Girls U15

200m – Kerrie Barrett 1st, Lucy O’ Keefe 2nd and Lesley Cashman 4th.

1500m – Lucy O’ Keefe 1st and Leslie Cashman 2nd.

Long Jump – Kerrie Barrett 4.22m 3rd and Lesley Cashman 3.83m 4th.

Kerrie Barrett was also 2md in the U16 Shot with her throw of 6.03

Boys U15

Cian Nicholson was 2nd in both the 200m and 1500m races.

Boys U16

1500M – This race was run in conjunction with the Masters and 17 – 19 age group and Jake McCarthy had a great run to come 2nd overall and won the U16 East Cork title. Well done also to Ciaran Coleman who won the O35 title. Dave McCarthy was 2nd O45 and Ed O’ Regan also participated.

High Jump – Jake McCarthy 1.33m 2nd.

Girls 17 – 19

Aine O’ Regan was 5th in the 200m and 4th in the 1500m.


Girls U10 –this team had a fantastic run to come first and included Clodagh Fitzgerald, Phil Farrell, Taylor Ahern and Nadia O’ Shea. Well done girls!

Boys U10 – this team came a very good 2nd and included Paddy Nicholson, Jack Coleman, Jimmy Nicholson and Aidan McNamee. Well done lads!

Girls U12- Team A included Grace Rooney, Alex Cashman, Avril Millerick and Juliette Nicholson; these girls finished in 2nd place in a close exciting with the club’s other team which finished 3rd including Sorcha Kilgannon. Eireann Barrett, Ruby Kennedy and Katie Ansboro. Brilliant display from all these experienced athletes!

Boys U12 – this team came 2nd and included Ronan Joyce, Jude Buckley, Ethan O’ Driscoll and Ben Walsh. There were great performances by all these young lads and much improvement shown.

Girls U14

This team came a good 2nd and great runs were put in by Lucy Nicholson, Hannah Fitzgerald, Natasha Kilgannon and Erin Joyce.

Boys U14

This team came 3rd and included Ciaran McNamee. Christian Millerick, Eoghan Fitzgerald and Cian Nicholson.

Well done to all! This was the last competition for the vast majority of the juvenile for the Track and Field season. More photos available at www.youghalac.com/photos